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Image Perfect & Design was started in 1994 by a graphic artist and a photographer who saw the need to provide high-end, customer-based digital imagery. With the advent of new computer technology and the rapid growth of the Internet, this demand emerged--and has been growing ever since.

New technology had made it possible for companies to cut their deadlines in half and still achieve a product of the highest quality.

Our goal is complete client satisfaction. Your deadlines are ours. You are the focus. The quality and integrity of our services is guaranteed. That is why we use only the best graphics software on the market today. You don't have time for trial and error. It has to be right the first time--and on time. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. That is why our customers come back. Many dot.com businesses have come and gone. We are still here because of you.

We aren't new at this. We are just better at this.

Image Perfect & Design offers:

Image Perfect & Design is the solution to your business needs.


We charge $350.00/hour for art & design.

Every project has specific requirements. Please e-mail us with a description of your job needs and we will furnish you with a competitive estimate.